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Graffiti on property that you do not own is classed as a crime (vandalism). See this link.

This is a gallery of graffiti tags extant in our area. If you know the person responsible, you should report that to police (British Transport Police if it's on railway property). Do you have CCTV and has it shown any culprits?


wall of 320 Lanark Road
wall of 320 Lanark Road
north wall around entrance to tunnel under canal (Scottish Canals)
low wall by bridge in Slateford (CEC)
Kingsknowe Drive sign (at west end)
Canal bridge rampart.Reported to CEC on 10/1/20. Ref: 101000097484
Redhall Bank Rd Bridge. Reported to CEC 10/1/20. Ref: 101000097461
Bridge over Bogsmill Rd-1
lamp post in Hawmuirside (south section). Reported to CEC 12/1/20. Ref: 101000098832.
on rear of boundary wall between lanark rd and union canal at stoneyport. reported to cec 19feb20 and given ref. 101000134660
redhall rd bridge (no. 5). CEC. reported 19/03/20 ref: 101000163613. Reported 16/7/20 and got ref: 101000251198.
Royal Mail dropbox in Longstone Place. Reported 8may20 and got ref: 200508-006326. Reported again and got ref: 1-6461691141.Complained on 22/8/20 and got ref:200822-004325
on Network Rail bridge over canal. reported 16/7/20 and got ref: 200716-000349
pavilion in redhall park (CEC) reported 26/7/20. Ref: 101000257634.
wall of rampart (canal side) to footbridge over canal. Reported 26/7/20.
Ref: 101000257638 (CEC)
SE wall of Redhall Walled Garden
SE wall of Redhall Walled Garden
SE wall of Redhall Walled Garden Ref:...003
wall of 80 Longstone St. ref: ..772
North wall of tunnel under canal (Scottish Canals)
North wall of tunnel under canal (Scottish Canals)
footbridge over canal. reported 22/8/20 and got ref:101000327447.
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