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Welcome to the website of Longstone Community Council

We represent the 4000 or so residents of most of the parish of Slateford/Longstone, which includes, not just Longstone, but Redhall, Slateford, Kingsknowe and the area around Dovecot Park south of Lanark Road to the river (see plan on the ABOUT US page).

This page will show the latest news and activities. For older news go to our NEWS page.

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Community Councils need to face relection every 3 years and such elections are now being held until 26 Sep.

For 36 years, LCC has steadfastly represented the views of residents, especially to Edinburgh City Council regarding many major planning applications:

● Supported Sainsbury’s in the development of their superstore against the planners’ recommendation;
● Persuaded the City Council to change the location of its proposed new nursery school in Redhall Grove and  campaigned in vain for improvements;
● Arrange public meetings to discuss all major planning applications in the area;
● In March this year we supported the application to open a pharmacy in part of Scotmid’s store in Longstone (unfortunately that was rejected by the NHS);
● We deal with many other matters such as the canal and the railway, try to get graffiti removed and cooperate with local police, who attend our meetings;
● Recently we succeeded in getting the Local Government Boundaries Commission to abandon its proposal to change the boundary between Sighthill-Gorgie ward and Fountainbridge-Craiglockhart ward (replacing Pentland Hills ward, which we are leaving); 
● Each year, LCC helps to organise the remembrance ceremony at the war memorial in Redhall Park.
● LCC is funded by the City of Edinburgh Council.

LCC needs 7 members to be viable and has only consisted of a few more than that for most of its existence. If less than 7 members are elected, LCC will cease to exist.  We are allowed 14 elected members plus 7 nominated ones (representing local interest groups)

The existing members are not young and recently our Chair died. If you value LCC and think you could make a contribution, please consider getting yourself nominated by contacting our returning office (Cllr Dixon: denis.dixon@edinburgh.gov.uk), or visit www.edinburgh.gov.uk/ccelection2016, from where a nomination form can be downloaded. Alternatively call (0131) 469 3838. Anyone over 16 and on the local electoral roll can become a member as an individual or as the representative of a group.

In any case, please consider attending our meetings and making your voice heard (see website or our noticeboard for dates).

LCC meets at 7:30 pm about 9 times per year on the 2nd Monday of the month, usually in the library of Longstone Primary School in Redhall Grove, where parking is available in the playground.

For more information, see our website (www.longstonecc.org.uk) or contact the Secretary:

The application to construct a new nursery school in the grounds of Longstone Primary School was approved without debate by the Planning Sub-Committee on Wednesday 17 August.


Two temporary  huts have now been removed and the construction area fenced off.

LCC understands that CEC will fund the project and employ a Clerk of Works to supervise its construction.

The Planning Dept has recommended refusal of the application (15/05401/FUL) to build 247 student flats on the sites of The Blue Goose and Westside Motors in Slateford. It was to be determined at a meeting on 25 May 2016, but has been delayed to allow a site visit at 1015 on Wed 1 June. A decision was to be made on 8 June, but instead it was continued for reason unknown. A revised proposal has now been submitted--details on the Planning Portal. The Blue Goose is now closed.

Craiglockhart Community Council, which objects to the proposal, will discuss the matter at their meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 26 July in Craiglockhart Church. LCC intends to be represented. The Blue Goose site in in their area.

It is not known when this application will be determined.

See the Water of Leith Conservation Trust's latest Newsletter and their EVENTS programme.

Close your street for play events


Do you want to arrange a street closure for a children’s play event in your street? Playing Out is a pilot scheme that runs from July to October 2016 that lets you close your street for free.


For more information on Playing Out contact

Email: cf.play@edinburgh.gov.uk

Residents are reminded to update their registration details ahead of the City Council elections in May 2017. You can do this online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Being on the register has other benefits such as improving your credit rating, supporting background checks such as Disclosure Scotland and helping in applying for benefits.



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