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08 October 2019
LCC election and appointment of officers

On 7 October 2019, Cllr Donald Wilson, as returning officer, announced the result of the election for members of LCC. There being fewer nominations than places, the following were elected unopposed; Des Loughney, Steuart Campbell, Jean Marr, Rosalind Lennie, Robert Gardiner, Margaret Campbell and Alan Gordon. Subsequently John Allan and Lily Campbell were co-opted as members.

Des Loughney was appointed Chair, John Allan as Vice Chair, Steuart Campbell as Secretary and Treasurer, Rosalind Lennie as Minute Secretary and Alan Gordon as Engagement Officer. 

On 2 Oct 2020 Robert Gardiner resigned. 
On 11 Oct 2021, Maria McDonald was co-opted. 
On 15 Mar 2022, Maria McDonald resigned.
On 9 May 2022, Will Power was co-opted.


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