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Located on high ground in Redhall Park (See picture on the ABOUT US page), the memorial is an extension of the Colinton memorial and was designed and executed by Mr John S. Rhind and it was unveiled at a ceremony on Saturday 24 December 1922.

Below is a list of the names on the memorial:
First World War (48 names)

Capt. Henry Dundas MC;
L/Sgt. George Glen;
Corpl. Alex Campbell;
L/Corps. Robert Davidson , William T McGuire;
Tpr. Alex Morgan;
Sapr. John Wales;
Ptes: George Brotherstone [Brotherston], Alex Campbell, William Campbell, Archibald Carmichael, Patrick Carrigan, Matthew Carruthers, Denis Close, William Close, Francis Connor, William Connor, Alex Cowie, James Dalrymple, Archibald  Davidson, Robert Davidson, William Davidson,    Thomas Dickson, Matthew Duffy, John Duffy, David Ferguson, Stewart Hughan, Robert Hutton, John Laird, James Littlejohn, James McDougal, James McIntosh, Thomas McLaughton, James Mcleod, John Main, James Mercer,
Robert Mitchell, Hugh Notman, James Notman, John Notman, Robert Notman, William Notman, John Paton, James  Ramsay, John Sandilands,William Sangster, James Stark, William Thorburn.

Second World War (24 names)

L/Sgt. Robert Mair;
Sgts. J Sidney Buchan, Kenneth Campbell, Thomas Colthart, Thomas Wright;
L/Cpls. Roy M Stewart, Thomas Preston;
Cpl. James Thomson;
Gnrs. Hugh D Grieve, Robert Swann, Christie Mitchell, George Gordon;
Sprs. Thomas Gaffney;
Ptes. John Fleming, Alexander Gray, Alan Nelson, and Robert Sanderson;
Sgt. Pilot Peter Cockburn;
LACs William McG Greig and Charles D Mitchell;
Lbdr. Thomas Johnston;
AT David W Sutherland;
AB Jack Lyle;
Boy Wm. McF. Crawford (died when HMS Hood blew up). See  http://www.hmshood.org.uk/crew/database/databaseindividual.php?myrec=623

For more detailed comments on the memorial, see
Also see http://www.iwm.org.uk/memorials/item/memorial/53596?utm_source=ukniwm&utm_medium=rw&utm_campaign=wmalaunch

If anyone has more information on the people whose names are recorded on the Memorial, please contact the Secretary.


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