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(Minutes of Longstone Community Council meetings are displayed here only after being approved at the following meeting)

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        Minutes of  Meeting held at Longstone Primary School  
                     Monday 10th December 2012 at 7.30pm.        


Mrs L.Campbell, Vice Chair
Mrs G Hughes, Secretary   
Mr S Campbell
Mrs R Lennie, Minute Secretary
Mr J Scott, Chair & Treasurer 
Mrs A Watt 
Mr R Gardiner
Mrs J P Marr 

PC. Tony Kirk     

Cllr Dennis Dixon


1.    APOLOGIES:   Cllr D Wilson   Cllr C Fullerton  Rev. Mike Frew

Mr Scott welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Mr Campbell pointed out that item 4.2 should read 'exhibition' and not' meeting' and 'administration' not 'liquidation'. Minutes then approved.



[PC Kirk listed all the matters dealt with by the police from 30/9/12 to 10/12/12: 51 in all. See the list via these links/Longstone/documents/police-report2.jpg.]

PC Kirk said to beware of scams do not give any personal details or 'pins' etc. Caller says they are calling from Visa.

Complaint last month that Police did not follow up a call - actually they did, but youths had run away and they followed them.

Roundabout at bus depot - parking at both sides of road and across bus stop so that buggies and passengers have difficulty getting on and off buses.

Valeting Company in Longstone Road - water is running across pavement which will freeze, they are using the road as parking and using bollards. They don't need a licence for valeting but they are fixing cars as well. Also one on other side of road. PC Kirk will look into these issues. Cllr. Dixon will also look into this.


Sainsburys proposed 24 hour delivery -  Cllr. Dixon has asked for a report as at busy times it would cause an obstruction. Hasn't gone to planning.

84 Longstone Road -  Council has no more to do with it other Organisations could still use it. At the moment it is closed for repairs. Cllr Dixon has arranged a meeting to put it on the line, he is Chair of Community Safety. Owner has been warned about taking prisoners etc.  At Colinton there was an application for a similar HMO but it was thrown out because residents were up in arms.


This month's meeting has been moved to 29th January.
Community Safety on 17th.

4.4     GRAFFITI

Bridges 5 and 6 in hand.

Graffiti still on Police Box, not getting anywhere as Company cannot be traced - they have not paid ground rent either.

Memorial for Mrs McDonaugh.  Have to get permission to put a bench within canal boundaries. Who has to get permission? LCC. If there is already a plinth at the railway bridge perhaps it could be used again. Another suggestion would be on grassed area opposite the Kingsknowe and behind the bus stop. Both sites will be looked at but the feeling was that the canal towpath was not suitable.



Date            Details                                               Amount

12.11.12       Balance                                            £2816.41
                    Secretary's Expenses                            -59.50
10.12.12        Balance                                           £2756.91


Petition received regarding 84 Longstone Road. This petition was delivered to each house.

7. A.O.C B.  

Railing down at bottom of K.R.N. are all bashed again. Lamppost opposite Scotmid at an angle, Mrs Hughes said she had already reported this but nothing has been done so far. Perhaps it could be removed and move bus stop away from corner. Could we keep a tab on issues that are raised and when they are acted on.
Road repairs - potholes in K.R.S. are as bad as ever. Mrs Hughes reminded the meeting they were only repaired a few months ago, trouble is they are not repaired properly.
Electricity sub station next to school very untidy with weeds etc.

Mr Scott wished everyone a very Happy Christmas.

Date of Next Meeting  -   18th February 2013.



               Minutes of  Meeting held at Longstone Primary School 
                      Monday 12th November 2012 at 7.30pm.

Mrs L Campbell  Vice Chair
Mrs G Hughes  Secretary
Mr S Campbell
Mrs R Lennie  Minute Secretary
Mr  J Scott  Chair & Treasurer
Mrs A Watt
Mr R Gardiner
Rev. Michael Frew
Mrs Jean Marr

PC. Tony Kirk

Cllr. Catherine Fullerton

A Cloy - Health All Round      
M Vrionides - Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust


Presentation -

Mark & Alan were introduced to the meeting. They explained about a Community Garden they hoped to set up. This would be in grassed area behind the Church and Ark Care Home. There will be raised beds to ease mobility. A raised bed outside the Home to grow own fruit and veg. The ground belongs to Ark so hope to get on.
Community Garden set up space for people to come in and grow own food. Health Benefits and social advantages. Ground around Church used to be a garden. Supervised by volunteer or member of Trust. Fence so no access from front of building security issue. Some gardens are completely open other schemes have access certain hours. There could be cooking classes as well.
Questions:   A garden that anyone can claim a bit of ?
Could be but it is up to Community.

Would they continue to be there?
Grants are available to get started up to £500 for tools and equipment.

Do they go to the wall?
Sometimes - volunteer network but need local people to take an interest. Would not go forward with project unless there was interest. Hopefully self sustaining.

Mrs Hughes said if they made up a poster asking for volunteers etc. it could be put in our Noticeboard. 
A weekly session is a good idea. Start up in Spring.
Mr Scott thanked Mark & Alan.

Meeting Continued:

1. APOLOGIES:   Cllr D Wilson   Cllr D Dixon
             Charlie Ferguson  Fraser Paterson  (members of public)


Mr Scott thanked everyone for coming and apologised for having to cancel the last meeting because we could not get into the school.




Total Calls from 30.09.2012 - 12.11.12 = 44

Public Nuisance – 4                                 LONGSTONE
Domestic  - 7  
Neighbour Dispute – 1                           Public Nuisance - 2
Road Traffic – 7                                    Domestic - 1
Concern for – 3                                     Road Traffic - 3
Noise – 2                                              Concern for - 2   
Missing Child -1                                     Noise -2
Drug Possession -1                                Suspicious Incident -2
Damage 5                                               Theft - 2
Animal related -1
Hate Crime-1
Robbery – 1                                          KINGSKNOWE    
Suspicious incident - 2
Communications – 2                              Domestic - 5
Theft -2                                                Concern for - 1      
Vehicle Crime – 1                                  Drug Possession -1
Disturbance – 2                                     Communications -2
Fire - 1                                                 Damage - 3
                                                            Neighbour Dispute - 1
REDHALL                                               Hate Crime -1
                                                             Animal Related - 1
Public Nuisance – 2                                  Vehicle Related - 1
Road Traffic - 4                                        Disturbance - 1
Missing Child (found) -1
Robbery - 1
Domestic - 1
Fire (play park) - 1
Disturbance - 1

Regarding previous youth problems in the Redhall/Longstone areas, the group of youths have been identified and spoken to in the presence of their parents or guardians, most of the kids are from the Redhall Drive area, their names have been passed to MOD PC Gary Weir for further action.

Still monitoring the parking issues in Redhall, 2 calls regarding this over the past month and dealt with on Police arrival. One person has been issued with a FPN for vehicle obstruction.

As part of Operation Cypher licence premises in the area are being checked regularly, drug swabs being used within toilets and managers alerted where drug traces are present.

84 Longstone Road is still under repair, there are tenants currently residing within, the Council will no longer be using the services of this B&B. It could be used by private organisations. Those coming out of prison would be tracked by Police. There is nothing to suggest it would be people like that. Police will still be keeping an eye on it. Licence did get renewed. Police would benefit from information about suspicious events or centre - 0131 311 3131. A lady and her daughter saw 2 youths acting suspiciously at a bungalow - phoned Police - asked to sit tight and waited for 25 minutes but Police (in unmarked car) did not approach them and they have never had any feedback. You should get some sort of feedback.


Morbaine planning permission conditions -no deliveries between 11pm-7am. Sainsbury,s want to be able to deliver at any time, exhibition in church on Thursday 2pm-8pm. They will consult but are not obliged to do anything.
Patton main contractor has gone into administration all work has ceased. Morbaine are trying to get another contractor to start work again in January.


Nothing to report. Only dog fouling.


Tunnel which leads into Lanark Road is flooded again despite being pumped out by British Waterways. Still graffiti in tunnel.
Graffiti on post box next to Mr Scott's house. Can go to Royal Mail in London and we will get action.



Date           Details                                               Amount

10.09.2012 Balance                                              £1440.41
01.10.2012 CEC Room Hire - Sept./Dec 2012           -124.00
01.11.2012 CEC Grant - re Mrs McDonaugh              1500.00
12.11.2012 Balance                                              £2816.41

Mr Scott said that we had received the £1500 which would cover a metal bench and plaque. Several suggestions were put forward about where to site it. From the canal towpath, Hailes Quarry Park, or the grassed area near the steps leading down to the towpath. It was thought the towpath was not suitable because it is too narrow and would compete with cyclists, dog walkers etc. The Business Committee proposed site visits before a decision is made. 


Letter from Eileen Hewitt inviting 3 people from LCC to a reception at the City Chambers to meet and get to know members of other community councils. Unfortunately no one is free to attend.
Information  - Media release from Gordon Macdonald MSP re High Hedges Bill.

7. A.O.C B.

Transport meeting Mr Paton (Redhall Tenants Group) wants a check on traffic in Redhall Drive to see if it is a rat run - it is not.
Restricted parking on Longstone Road, Cottages and Crescent has been held up because of complaint.

Date of Next Meeting  -   10th December 2012





Minutes of Meeting held at Longstone Primary School
Monday 10th September 2012 at 7.30pm


Mrs L Campbell  Vice Chair    
Mrs G Hughes       Secretary             
Mr S Campbell
Mrs R Lennie    Minute Secretary 
Mr  J Scott   Chair & Treasurer      
Mrs A Watt  
Mr R Gardiner 

Chief Inspector R Thomas
Sergeant N Readie         

Cllr. Catherine Fullerton
Cllr Donald Wilson


Jean Marr,  Rev. Mike Frew,  Elizabeth Strong,  Cllr Dixon


Mr Scott welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that this was his first meeting as Chair so he hoped not to make too many mistakes.


Mr Campbell said that the HAWMUIRSIDE sign should be moved to the other side of the path and not into the park as stated in the Minutes.
Minutes Approved.



Chief Inspector Thomas & Sergeant Readie were present at this meeting.
Youth Calls - causing nuisance, being dealt with. Window was broken in Kingsknowe Road North.

Total calls from 1.8.2012 - 9.9.2012 = 44 (175PW54)             

Disturbance - 1 (Longstone Inn, Passing attention)
Road Traffic - 1
Vehicle Crime - 1
Concern for - 1
Noise - 7
Assault -1
Suspicious persons - 1
Domestic related - 7
ASB -1
Housebreaking - 3
Neighbourhood dispute - 3
Thefts - 6
Communications - 1
Youth calls - 3
Fire/explosion calls - 1
Vandalism -1
Lost dog call - 1
Underage drinking - 1


Nothing Major


SW Meeting 11th September. Mrs Campbell can't attend.
Mrs Hughes said she had heard the Grant we applied for had been passed but she had not been notified formally.
Presentation is available if required about new bin collection.
Chief Inspector Thomas spoke about Operation Cypher - ward 7 - focus of NP Issues broken down for each area. We don't have the same problems in this ward as some of the other areas.


Re-cycling - food not being collected. So grey bins should be used more phone - 529 3030 will deliver bins.
Sometimes contents of bins are scattered on roads and not cleaned up.
Kingsknowe Court - The bin men are nor closing doors of bin stores, also they are not removing bin bags which are stored outside of the full bins, they empty the bins and then place the bags into the bins but do not then empty again so the next time the bins are emptied there are more bags lying. Why don't they just carry the bags out to the lorry.

Wheelie bins - sometimes can't pass them on pavements.
Mrs Hughes said bin outside of school has still not been traced. Nobody seems to know what has happened to it.

Grafitti has all been reported.
Mr Campbell said graffiti has not been removed from bridge 136. Tag words used. Mrs Hughes will get in touch with Network Rail.


Treasurer's Account            

Date            Details                                                     Amount
13.8.2012    Balance                                                   £767.74
17.8.2012    Lady Haig's Poppy Factory - Annual Wreath  -28.15
28.8.2012    Slateford/Longstone Church - room hire       -30.00
31.8.2012    City of Edinburgh Council - Annual Grant    £730.82
10.9.2012    Balance                                                 £1,440.41 

5.   CORRESPONDENCE          

Letter from Eileen Hewitt - Date of Community Council Elections.

6. A.O.C B.  

84 Longstone Road - Explosion incident. Cllr Wilson has written a strong letter regarding original HMO.

The Council should get out of putting people into this house altogether, it is in a completely unsuitable location
The owners want to demolish garage so that they have a building plot and could sell the property.
They can take 10 people at present and want to add two extra rooms which would allow 14 altogether.
Homeless people - not housing families because it is not suitable.
Incidents very negative Police want to be in house as much as possible so they know who is in there.
Called a B&B not a halfway house. Owner has moved into property at the moment. Council should never use it again - don't need reasons.
Cllr. Dennis Dixon has been in house - is there a kitchen?  There is a kitchen of sorts because they have to provide breakfast.
It is not the case that all residents are just out of prison.
People deserve a good quality of life without fear.
Close the Place?  Licensing should take account of local residents’ feelings.

Longstone Prison Officers Club Land has been sold off, not to the club so they are in crisis. Was to be housing so club would have been protected - but it has been sold from under them. It wasn't a normal planning - because it was Scottish Prison Service. Telecomm club is empty would that be a suitable building?
They club is no longer only for Prison Officers, they do great work raising funds for charity.

Wheelchair access to bus stop at Longstone Inn - a short discussion.

Cllr Wilson - Will be sending out invitations to get people into City Chambers.

Date of Next Meeting  -   8th October 2012




Minutes of  Meeting  held at Longstone Primary School    

Monday 13th August 2012 at 7.30pm. 

Mrs L Campbell, Acting Chair        
Mrs G Hughes, Secretary     
Mr S Campbell      
Mrs R Lennie, Minute Secretary
Mr  J Scott, Treasurer  
Mrs A Watt
Mrs Jean Marr

Cllr. Dennis Dixon




Cllr. Donald Wilson; Rev. Mike Frew; Elizabeth Strong


Mrs Campbell welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING   -   Approved.



No Police present.
Mrs Hughes informed the meeting that David Langton (Glasgow) are no longer the factors for Bannockburn Homes. If there is a problem with MOD property the new Factors are Infrastructure Management Edinburgh.


No major developments. Archeology has to have a chance but modern developments have disturbed anything.
Scottish Power - New sub-station at corner of site near railway. Pylons coming down near Prison and it will be cabled underground.


South West Partnership meeting - 14th August.


An order has been raised to repair faulty steps in Redhall Park.
Flooded vennel has been reported, and also the graffiti on the army houses. Mrs Hughes was informed this will be removed a.s.a.p.
Graffiti on cable boxes in Longstone Street have been reported and Mrs Campbell will ask about them at the next walkabout.
We were informed by Mr Campbell that the Police Box on Longstone Road was sold 7 years ago to Newbattle Properties, have to pay ground rent. Condition that box is removed but has not been  removed and no-one knows who is responsible.
Steuart thanked Grace for getting Noticeboard fixed. She was pleased how reasonable the charge was.



Date            Details                                              Amount

14.05.2012 Balance                                             £  917.70
14.05.2012 Secretary's Expenses                              -40.98
11.06.2012        "        "                                           -30.00
29.08.2012 C.E.C. Room Hire - May & June 2012        -62.00
16.07.2012 Secretary's Expenses                              -16.98
13.08.2012  Balance                                            £  767.64

5.   CORRESPONDENCE          
Cllr. Wilson sent us a copy of the reply he had sent to Donald MacLeod Principal Solicitor, regarding the HMO application for 84 Longstone Road.                             

Information regarding the proposed change of Bin Collection.
Letter from Greenspace - they had cancelled the fun day on 7th July due to the bad weather and will now hold it on 31st August. (Stalls scouts etc.)

6     A.O.C B.  

Memorial seat - Mrs Hughes said she had sent off our request for a Grant in June but had not yet heard anything. This is in Remembrance of Hellen McDonaugh who did so much for the people of our area. If we are successful we will then decide where it should be installed. Mr Campbell said as Craiglockhart CC. have put a seat on the Canal bank, perhaps we could put it there. Other possibility suggested by Lily Campbell could be Hailes Quarry Park as Hellen had a lot to do with that many years ago. We will wait on the outcome of our application.

HMO 84 Longstone Road - Residents close to this house are incensed that the owners have applied  to extend their licence to 14 residents. Apparently the Police are always at this house the local residents feel that they should be curfewed to 10pm. They are doing internal alterations and apparently do not need planning. Mrs Hughes said we had objected to this house before it actually opened but we were not successful. Their present Licence is for 10 although there are only 5 there currently. They are not desirable people, fighting in the street. To rescind the Licence, the Police have to record the incidents but local people say they are not being recorded, also they feel that the minimum size of room is not being complied with. They said that one of the owners is 'high up in the council'. Cllr Dixon will try to get entry and will start asking questions. The family of the lady who was murdered are requesting a full inquiry.   

Brambles on Lanark Road are encroaching on pavement. Complaints can be e-mailed to Cllr. Dixon and he will respond.

Bin which was on pavement outside Redhall School has been removed. Mrs Hughes has made several enquiries about this, but to no avail, nobody seems to know what has happened to it. We have already reported the lack of bins in Longstone. If the Council won't supply bins rubbish is going to mount up.

As  Cornton Vale Prison is closing, women prisoners will be housed at Edinburgh until a new prison is built.

The sign HAWMUIRSIDE on path into park needs to be moved or cleared of weeds etc regularly, as it cannot be seen properly at present, perhaps it could be moved to the other side of the path.

Mrs Campbell who has been Acting Chair for several months said that she could no longer continue in the Chair due to other commitments. As the next Community Council elections are not until September next year, we needed a temporary Chair until then. She suggested Mr James Scott who is at present our Treasurer he agreed to take on the role and keep on his treasurer's role. He was then Nominated and Seconded.

Date of Next Meeting  -   10th September 2012


Minutes of 13 June (AGM) 2011 and accounts for 2010/2011





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