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discovered through a search of family archive a great uncle Hendry sweeney moved to inglis green road around the turn of the 20th century and he and his wife 'had many children'. interesting to know if there was any family left in the area.
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Posted by simon sweeney on 21 February 2014
There are many Sweeneys in Edinburgh but BT's Phone Book lists only one near Longstone: G Sweeney at 20 Chesser Grove, Edinburgh (tel: 0131-8442)
Posted by Steuart Campbell on 19 August 2017
Born and bred in Haugh Park, Longstone village, anyone with photos from school, 1942-1950, would love to see them, thanks.
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Posted by maureen on 17 September 2011
my home village
Born and bred at 110 Longstone street I am proud to have been part or this village in the past as was my grand-father before me I have had a happy and successful life and would like to hear from other people who were brought up there.
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Posted by Avril Fanning on 06 March 2011
Hi Avie, you probably won't get this email but just in case you do, I hope you, John and your family are all well.
Posted by Honor Dickson on 19 August 2017
You didn't send an email, just a post on our website. Not sure anyone will notice it.
Posted by Steuart Campbell on 19 August 2017
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